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Diy Megatree Ornaments

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Attemped making the chickenwire ornaments, and just couldn't get anything close to what I liked. So being the nut I am, went this route. This way the ornament is much less likely to be bent/flattened while in storage.


Snagged 50 12" beachballs via Amazon @50 cents each and 20 cans of foam from wallyworld @ $3ea.  Spraying the foam into the ball is fairly easy, just don't try to fill the ball all at once! The foam will expand over an hour or two to fill about 2/3 the volume if you only fill the ball about 1/4 of the way. To 'top off' the ball, make certain to squeeze out any air first, and leave the fill open so any excess foam can leak out rather than rupture the ball. Do not at any point plug the hole since if the ambient temperature drops, the ball will contract and end up looking more like a pear (as seen in right hand corner of pic).


Once the ball has been comepletely filled out, paint with white plastic-friendly paint, then tie-wrap the end of a light string to the fill point and wrap away.



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Great idea, how much do you estimate it cost? I know that's an irrelevant question in this hobby but I'd like to give it a try.

The balls came out to 50 cents each after shipping, and about $2 worth of foam. Would have been more foam, but learned a trick. Fill the ball half full, then shake the ball to coat the inside. Then take a syringe and inject about a tablespoon of water to speed up the foam curing process.  Right now, I'm in danger of getting buried every time I place a finished ball on the pile (on #41 of 50 right now).

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I'm going a bit overboard with these. Have two 20' megas that will have 8-10 on each, then 3 maple trees that the remainder will be hung in, along with a few dozen light strings. Hanging them is easy-peasy. See that cylinder in the lower left corner? That is what I've dubbed a "coaxial air cannon".Nice and compact as the air reservoir is around the barrel rather than being an external tank hanging out to dry. Will launch a golf ball/pull line 120-ish feet vertically, so pulling up the balls and light strings are fairly easy. "just point and click".


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