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This Weekend's Version Of Let's Make A Deal 9/29

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The last couple of weekends, this has gone great and the response has been overwhelming with personal messages.  Sorry if I don't end up getting back to everybody.  I have been busy clearing out a bunch of Christmas light stuff that I either never used or don't use anymore.  I am down to some of the last items that I have.  Last weekend, I had several items that I didn't know what to ask price-wise so I tried a different approach... I would like to repeat that approach here for these items that haven't sold...


1.  These were in the last weekend deal and nobody responded about them.  I am included pictures with hopes that there will be some interest.  These are really nice and are made by GE or Phillips.  90W halogen PAR38 flood lights USED BUT WORKING.  There are seven (7) green, six (6) red, and twelve (12) white.  There are also two (2) greens that are NEW IN BOX.  The red and white bulbs are perfect.  Some of the used green bulbs might need touch up with a sharpie marker, but all are working...  In the pictures below, these are the metal/glass looking flood lights and are very clean.


2.  16-function 105 count incandescent mini lights.  See pictures, there are two of these.  I never used these in my display but only have one box.  It looked like some of the mini lights were out, but are probably just loose bulbs... nothing unusual.


3.  Dimmable LED flood lights.  PAR38 style.  These came from Val at Christmas LEDs.  I bought one each of red, green, and warm white to test them out and then never ended up using them.  They do dim very nicely with LOR, etc.  The link to their product page is at:  http://www.christmas-leds.com/productinfo_v3.aspx?productid=L-DM-SPLT-GR and I also have a picture below.  In the pictures below, these are the plastic-type bulbs.


So... price?  If this is something that you MUST have, then offer me something... if I get 10 people that say "FREEEE" and nobody offers me a penny, one of those 10 people will get these for free... however, if someone offers me 1 miiiillliiiiooon dollar (best Dr. Evil voice I could do) and 10 people offer me zero, obviously I am going to take the 1 miiiiilllliiiiooon dollars.  Obviously, either way, you are paying the shipping.


Thanks for looking,







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Hey all, I guess my post above wasn't completely clear because I have had several requests for a higher quantity of LED floods that I have posted above.  Item #1 above are HALOGEN flood, not LED.  I can't seriously be the the only one to have used halogen floods in the last 4 years am I?  ;)   They are what people used when they didn't want to spend $23-33 on LED floods.  Anyway, Item #1 are HALOGEN.  Item #3 are LED floods, but there are only one each red green and white.



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