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Planetchristmas 2013 Christmas Card Exchange

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Hey guys, I know it's a little early but I figured I'll start early since it didn't really work out well last year. I'll be managing the PlanetChristmas 2013 Christmas Card Exchange. Below is all the info.

For those of you who are new to the forum, we do this every year, you can add your name and you will get a list with names, and you will send a Christmas Card to everyone on that list. In return you will receive a Christmas Card from everyone on that list.

I will be offering a Full and Half List again like in previous years, unless there are less than 15 participants, then there will only be one list. There are usually 2 - 3 people on the list that are outside the USA, this just a heads up for you.

I'll be needing the following information from those who want to participate:

First, Last Name
Full Address (incl. country)
Valid Email Address
PC Member Name
Full or half list

Send this to [email protected]

I prefer you send it to the e-mail address listed above but I will also accept PMs.

Lastest entry for the list will be Saturday November 9th midnight Pacific Time.

I will get the list to you by Saturday November 16th in Excel and PDF Format.

Participation by members is completely optional and no one will be chastised for not playing along.

Send what ever kind of card you like; but when signing your name, please include your PC member name as well.

You can verify that I got your information by checking the following link, if you don't find your PC Username on that list within 24h after you sent me your information, please re-contact me:


So in the mean time, have fun, play safe and Merry Christmas from Switzerland!!! :)


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Thank you all for participating, we did not quite reach the 15 mark, so there will be only one list sent out to all of you. The list will go out to the e-mail addresses you provided in the next couple of days.


Once again thank you all for participating and enjoy those cards!



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If its not to late, I know yesterday was the deadline I'd like to get on the list,


Seriously, when was the last time you where on the board, previously to yesterday? Just curious as to how some ppl manage to overlook this post for over 1 month and then see it after the deadline :) No worries, the list hasn't been sent yet, so you are on it.




P.S. To all, there will be a Full and a half list now since we past 16 participants now :)

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