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Flood Light Vs Branch Wrap, Need Advise

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every year I branch wrap four large trees in my yard with red green and white. always looking for a way to simplify my setup. has anyone ever tried using red green and white flood lights to illuminate a small maple or other such tree? just thinkin if this idea illuminates the tree good this would save me tons of hours

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I did something similar, I used 4 90 watt around the tree and it lit it up nicely, you might have to play with the placement of the lights to get your desired look. The problem with using so many bulbs is they sure take some power. So you have a trade off, yes you can get a nice look and save tons of time but you really suck up power using 3 or 4 floods per tree/per color. Maybe a RGB flood might also do the trick but I have no experience with them. Maybe someone who has might chime in.

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