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Well, it rained and is really cold this evening, and I thought I'd experiment with my fog machine.  I have a fog chiller (a chest type I made), but I wanted to see if I could get similar results with the bushes in my yard.  So, I took my fog machine and pointed it into various dense evergreen bushes and shrubs in my yard.  The result.... it kinda works!


The bush I found that gave the best result, was one that was quite dense, but had space at the bottom for the fogger to shoot into the bush unobstructed.  The bush itself was mostly dry.  But inside, it was cold and was surrounded by wet lawn and soil.  I would guess that I could also increase the success of this method by spraying the bush with water and dumping some ice on it.  I'll have to give that a try and get back with you.


Anyone else ever tried using a cold wet bush as a fog chiller?

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This will be the first year I have used a fogger.

Any other tips?

I tried out an used one I bought a few years ago...plugged it in and turned it on...nothing...thought oh well it was used at a garage sale must be garbage.

Pushed the button again and WOW!!! lots of fog but it driffed away quickly.

I have 2 other ones I bought from Walmart last year that fog but about 10% of what the bigger used one does.

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I have found that when it's very humid and little to no wind is the best conditions for fog. Lat night we had those conditions. I had my little 400W fogger running last night and the fog was stretching down the street.  I haven't set up my ground fogger yet.  That one uses a 1000W fogger with a cooler filled with ice to get the proper ground effect.



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