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Sugar Coated Gumdrops?

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How did you attach the bulbs to the bowls? Looks awesome


Thank you. The bowls are plastic so I took a pair of metal snips and cut two notches in each bowl. Each notch is in the shape of a inverted pyramid. I press the light string's wire into the notch which holds the bowl in place. I use a staple gun to staple the light string wire in place. This works for me because I can take off the bowls and nest them together so they store easily. I moved to the bigger pails after I saw how small the bowls appeared from the road.


The other issue I ran into is the bowls were being dragged by heavy snow and were trying to slide off the porch roof. The pails are mounted on black wood boards, screwed on with two screws each. The light string is stapled to the board to keep it in place. The whole contraption is attached to the roof on top of small sections of black 2"x4"s. This allows snow to slide underneath the board/pails.

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