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Hi guys and gals,

Just wanted to actually introduce myself after lurking for a couple of months.


I'm Jim from Evanston, Illinois (suburb of Chicago.)  I'm a theatre producer by day and Christmas light crazy person in my free time.  We have a 12k static display (actually we use 5 of the 8function/3channel units to flash/chase/fade my 15 mini trees.)


I've begun the process of exploring the possibilty of converting my display over to LOR. I've got a background in theatrical lighting design, so the concept isn't really that foreign to me.  Now all I have to do is convince my partner that the investment is worth it :)


In any case, I've learned a lot from reading the forums.  Plan on lots of questions once I start the conversion.




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Welcome Jim, hope you have a great time here. I started with LOR last year and must say, i had the christmas of my life!

Their products are great, their service is even greater. To me it deffinetly was worth the investment. Never had a hobby that gave me so much fun ;)

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Welcome Jim!  We converted to LOR last year (with one 16 channel controller) for halloween and quickly added 3 more for Christmas.  We added another two this year mainly to control a series of leaping arches.  It's quite addicting and rewarding.


I'm from Elgin, so not too far from you.

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Welcome to our madness Jim.  This site really got me started a few years ago.  You won't be disappointed with LOR products, that's for sure. 


Just take your time, learn the software, and plan your display.  Oh, and did anybody mention -- don't forget to budget for lots and lots of extension cords!

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys.  We started the inside decorations this weekend. We do 5 full-sized trees and lots more smaller ones, so we've gotten a start. If all goes according to schedule, we'll be done inside the weekend before thanksgiving and then we'll do the outside lights so they're ready for Thanksgiving night.


My neighbor caught sight of the tree in the front window and just shook his head at me while I was out with the dogs. I love being the crazy christmas light guy!


Ho ho ho!

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Welcome Jim.


I do some part-time work as a lighting designer for a kids theater and have some experience with theater lighting systems. The LOR controllers are actually DMX aware, so if you have access to spare lighting console--which you may be more familiar with than re-learning the LOR software--then there's no need to convert.  Consequently, the LOR software can control a DMX universe with an extra hardware add-on (in case you have any 7-channel LED's you want to use in your display).


Good luck.  This is a good place to hangout.



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