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Never Produced Halloween Blowmolds

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Here's a few pieces from Empire Plastics, for Halloween 99'. You'll notice most pieces yet there's a lot that were never made!


Imagine if they were :D...I wonder if Gen Foam has the molds?? 0.0 (also notice the major variation on the "cat on pumpkin" mold compared to the existing production).


- Enjoy!






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Apparently, like the "Cat on Pumpkin" and "Skeleton and Tombstone" molds, Empire had to change the designs a little for production costs. It's hard to believe that the "Scary Tree" and "Ghoul" never struck up enough interest from retailers to be mass produced, I guess they only wanted the Vampire, Frankenstein and Ghost because that's what they believed customers would actually buy at the time.

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Here's a couple photos from the 1989 Empire catalog showing different designs on the tombstones and skeleton compared to the actual production runs. I much prefer the molds in the catalog to what was actually made.

Me too, the skeleton wouldn't have looked so plain. Thanks for the cool pics! Post more if you have'em! :)

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