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Inrush Blowing 24Vac Light Segments


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I am once again prepping my big homemade Christmas Countdown to go out and am going through the yearly (and then throughout the season) process of replacing bad minis that have blown on it.  I switch cut-down strings of minis with 24VAC (10 minis per string).  I have a lot of bulbs go out and I think that there is either a voltage spike when changing the numbers (maybe noise on the line too), or an inrush when the numbers change.  One of the particularly painful issues is that when the bulb blows, ~80% of the time, the shunt doesn't short it and the whole segment goes down and I have to trouble-shoot in the cold/dark when I get home from work.


It doesn't seem to happen more often with the seconds digits, than days digits, so I am a little stumped.


I thought about putting a resistor on the return path to deaden the current through the individual strings a bit, but that would end up being a 24W resistor, and that isn't feesible.


Anybody have some ideas to help keep me sane this year?

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