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My Gingerbread Man House - 2012

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I wanted to do something new and very creative with my 2012-20123 Christmas display.   In January of 2012 I broke my ankle and was out of commission for 6 months.   This gave me plenty of time to create and design my Gingerbread House for my 20112-2013 display.  This display is made from scrap wood, pallets, and panelling.The size se is 5ftx5ft.post-17865-0-55023400-1382382385_thumb.jpost-17865-0-55023400-1382382385_thumb.jpost-17865-0-55023400-1382382385_thumb.jpost-17865-0-09432400-1382383078_thumb.j  The frame is made out of 2x2's and the roof as well.  I decided to use brown panelling for the sides and roof of the house.  I also made a chimmney.  Made 2 windows and a door with a real handle. I cut out the icicles out of scrap wood and painted it white..  I then added candy canes to the sides of the Gingerbread house.  There are about 650 lights to the house. 



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I used poodle noodles from the dollar store to resemble candies. They were $1.00 each and I cut them to the size of candies. The longer coloured candies on the roof and chimney were also bought at the dollar store. The total cost of this project is approximately $50.00 and about 300 hours of hard labour. All the lights are led lights and were purchased at the end of christmas season at 75 percent off.

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post-17865-0-25286200-1382920139_thumb.jpost-17865-0-71190000-1382920159_thumb.j]The frame of the Gingerbread house as shown in the pictures is made out of pallets that is 5feet x 5 feet.  As seen in the pictures I used scrap 2x4's  and 2x2's  to build the walls and roof.  The Sides of the house are made from left over panelling which is brown already.  The icicles and trim were then painted white - 3 coats of white paint with a weather protected spray paint (clear).  We get lots of snow up here.I used left over blue patterned plexi glass for the windows.  All the wood is fastened with screws and some nails.  If you want some plans for this Gingerbread House I went on the web site and found information on dog houses.  I used a dog house blueprint but made my own measurements for the Gingerbread House.  I hope this gives you an idea on how I built the Gingerbread house.  Any other questions I will be happy to answer them.post-17865-0-38319500-1382919855_thumb.j

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