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Old World Santa

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no more k marts here well there are just 2 left in the metro i never shopped there even when they were close ha ha.

Glad we have ours still. The only place who carries molds every year. Edited by RichardG
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Stopped by Garden Ridge in Orlando on Tuesday.  They didn't have any of the new ones.  Bummed.



What?!? Well dang, I knew Garden Ridge in SC has the snowman..that's it.

Oh well. :(


Yeah, the snowman is the one I was hoping to get, angel was second on my list.

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Kmart has some good prices for new blowmolds, like the Drummer boy for 18.22.  Its nice to get new ones every so often since most of mine all have issues with the paint, ie rubs, peeling, fading, etc

i hear ya...im going to a local garden center today...they have some halloween molds on clearance....hope to get 1....

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I ordered the Santa and Angel from online from Kmart yesterday. However they did not have the Snowman.

None of the new ones are in the stores down here n Tampa.

Chuck, try Roberts Christmas Wonderland in Clearwater. They had all 3. Matter of fact, I'm ordering the snowman Friday from them.
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