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Multi Function Arches

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Hey Guy's I wanted to share this with all of you .


I have learned a lot from you all so I thought I would share what I discovered and maybe you all can use it.


Now most of us around here at some point have used those Incandescent 150 count multifunction light strands before. I bet most of you still have a couple of strands lying around. For some of us who don't go all out with LOR Musical Displays with 128 channel musical madness :) and have some static displays I have found a cool way to reuse something I have had in a box for a few years. So here is what I do with the Multi Function strands.


I cut off the 8 function controller box at the last light before the controller but before I do that I label each wire so I know what "color" it was blue green red yellow and common. Most of these controllers have and AMP rating of .6 to 1 amp. Once I have them cut I strip the wires down bare and then from some other dead strands lying around I cut of the female end and then connect the female end to each of the colors and common basically having 4 female ends attached to each controller. Once this is connected and completed You have just created a 1 amp 8 function 4 channel light controller for your new LED's. I have found these work really well for my smaller arches in my yard. They jump across the yard look very cool and I didn't have to pay a lot of money for a light controller. The ones I made right now are three channel and when all of my C7 leds are on (125 LED's per arch) it only is pulling .48 amps in steady on mode. When using any other mode that flashes it is about .28 amps which is about half of the controllers capacity. I do have some 4 channel ones rated at 1 amp I will be using for some other LED conversion.


Like I said I found it pretty cool and I can make the arches do some fun stuff with no music attached to it and I am reusing some old and broken or half working stuff.


If you want to see what it looks like I can make a quick video. Let me know!

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