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Flood Light Power Cable - Anyone Seen This

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Has anyone seen this type of connection for power to a LED flood light.  I bought these in china and unfortunately they didn't send me enough cables for each light so they are giving me the cold shoulder.  it's a type of 3 pin connection that screws together.  In this picture you can see one screwed together and the other with the flood light receiving section of 3 pins.


Has anyone seen where you can buy these in USA or what they are called so I can at least search for them.



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they are designed to be plugged one unit into the next.  Problem is they are way too far apart in my yard to do that.  So I'd either just change them to a regular 110v plug male/female because the flood has an IN/OUT for power and then std XLR cables for data in/out.


All I truly need to use them is power to each one, so that's what i'm trying to accomplish at this point.

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Thanks all, but I think what you are showing are XLR cables.  This is larger than a typical XLR cable.  But it actually might be the size of a microphone cable.    I was also wondering if I could just cut the wire and put a standard plug on it.

I was not showing you an XLR cable. The specs I show you are rated for 15Amps, 500V up to 1500V.



Pin Number: 3 pins;


Rated Current: 15A;

Rated Voltage: 500V;

Withstand Voltage: 1500V;

Contact Resistance: <5mΩ;

Insulation Resistance: >2000mΩ;

Max.Diameter: Ф7mm;

Shell Material: Nylon with fibre;

Max Cable OD:8.0mm;

Waterproof Level:IP68;

Contact Material:Phosphor copper with gold plated.


Yes you can cut the ends off and put standard plugs on it. The ones they came with are water proof. 

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Morelights:  I saw yours and I appreciate that.  Would you take this one and just attach it to a std plug cable.  It looks like just the connections and not the cable.  I was hoping to find a cable that had the male plug for the wall and the 3 pin connection for the light so I could just plug it in and screw it on.

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