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Introducing Snowey My 12' Snowman

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Just finished putting together my 10' Snowman but with his hat he's approx 12' tall.......It's a kit that a PC member (Dennis Eaton) sells, so I thought I would share with other PC members. The Pucks are made of stainless steel with 1/4" aluminum rods for the frame. I have to say this thing is really built and well thought out and will probably outlast me. :o   One of the great things that caught my attention is that when disassembled it takes up almost NO space...I would say it would fit in a box 4'x2'x 6" and the first time I assembled it with a little help from my wife I had it together in 45 min. He also has a face and buttons made out of plastic that are color controlled with pixels.......I chose a stand alone version that has approx 30 variations or just by changing the input you could program it with a LOR controller. I lit the frame with LED's

but I guess you could use Rope lights or CCP's.

Here are a few Pic's I took last night also a video to show the face & buttons .......Sorry about the video being turned either I or snowey must have had too much Egg Nog :P





Heres the video


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I know, Ive been wanting one that large for quite a while but my problem is where to store something that big but the way dennis designed it, it takes up almost no storage space, no lights come with the kit there are too many possibilities for light to put on it.


Dennis's screen name is DSE i'm sure you could send him a Pm

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Hey all

Yep, Gene is the new owner of the 10 foot snowman - the college kid (inside joke :) )


He can be viewed here and at http://www.christmas-leds.com/category_v3.aspx?categoryID=391


He comes in a varied array - Plain - With top hat - With top hat and facial features and the Facial features have a couple of ways also all will be RGB the options are more to stand alone or computerized (LOR type).


I have to give credit to Gene for giving me all the ideas for the face features I just built to his wishes. Now the nose not sure if Gene will want to claim that one... :huh:  :blink:  ;)


Check him out and if you have or would like to see added options we would love to look at them and see if it is possible.

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