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A Friend At Work Donated This To Me

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A couple of years back, just after Christmas, a guy came to our door and told my wife he had a bunch of wire frames that he got from his sister's estate and he wanted to donate them to our display.  A couple of days later, I came home from work and a bunch of boxes were leaning against the house.  There were 8 reindeer and a santa sleigh.  They were very old, but still in the original boxes.  The wire frames were better made than anything you can get these days, but the light sets were in really bad shape.  Over the summer that year, I took them out and harvested enough working lights to get three reindeer working with the legs in motion, using the original controllers.  They didn't exactly fit with my display, but I felt I had to find a place for them since he was kind enough to donate them and because they meant something to him, coming from his deceased sister.  They have been a part of my display since.


Maybe one of these years I will get ambitious enough to re-wire the rest of the set.  I can't bring myself to get rid of the rest of the frames.



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Last year a neighbor from a few houses down hand delivered a steak he cooked on the grill for me. Also a few gift baskets dropped off on the front porch from others.
It was my first year decorating at our new house, and we really don't know the neighbors. The lights are always a good "conversation starter".

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