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Large Items For Sale In Oklahoma City

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I am downsizing my display and selling some of my extra items. These are all to large to ship so they are local pickup only in NW Oklahoma City.


14 Mini trees with 300 clear lights each. These were made on 30 inch wreath stands. $5.00 each. Buy all 14 and I will include the custom cord below.


Custom 14 channel extension cord for mini trees. $15.00  This core is made from wire salvaged from used mini lights that have been bundled together in one cord. Each channel is limited to about 1 amp. It allows you to line up 14 mini trees or other small items in a line for a chase. 


8 North Poles. About 3 ft tall  $35.00 for all eight. These have flanges on the bottom to steak into the ground, No Cement( sorry Chuck). Includes custom extension cord allowing you to power all eight in one channel.


4 arches. 8 channel clear lights on white wire. Fair condition $20.00 for all 4.


8 Wireframe Rain deer and sleigh. $60.00  All of the lights on the rain deer should work. Sleigh may need to be rewired I have not used in several years. Includes custom 8 channel cord to power the rain deer. Made form zip cord.


4 Holdman style stick trees 4 ft. Each with Red, Clear, and Green lights ( 600 or more each) colored lights have started to fade.  Includes custom 12 channel extension cord ( zip cord) allowing each color on each tree to be powered separately $125


1 Holdman style stick tree new in box. Multi color lights. $35.00


Mega tree 18 ft tall. $125.00  Center pole is made from two sections of 1 1/4 inch black water pipe joined together with the 12 inch pole pin from Christmas light show. It includes a hand winch, pulley, Heavy duty Guy wires and anchors. It also includes 16 hook mega tree hook head and 2D star from Christmas light show. This is a heavy duty tree that has never fell down even in high winds, ice and snow.  Does not include lights but I will consider adding them.


600 Green C-9 bulbs. New $30.00


SPT 1 Zip cord. 4 rolls 250 ft each Black $30.00 each or $110 for all 4


Thanks for looking Please PM any qustions



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