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I Have About 25 Blowmolds N A Few Other Items For Sale,long Island,ny-Will Ship/trade Some

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 I'm selling a lot of my blowmolds. About 25 of them. I have christmas and halloween ones. Please email me for more info. 

Willing to do a little trading for some Halloween items also.

 Any questions,please ask!!
 I have front and back pics of all. There are a few listed that have some dirt on them.Please ignore,will be cleaned before you come.
 All items are mint or near mint if not otherwise noted. Most come with power cords.
 I cannot figure out how to post all the pictures here so here is a link to my CL Ad:
http://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/for/4170005875.html  Some pics below now.
I am in Long Island,NY. 45 minutes from Manhattan. 20min from the Queens border.

I will ship. I learned from another person that you can send bm's through the mail in contractors bags. I will do this and wrap each piece in bubbles wrap. It's way cheaper than boxes and never had an issue. If you prefer a box though,lmk. I have perfect feedback on Ebay to show I'm legit. I want everyone to be happy with their purchase :)
Drummer bear-$45
 Waving Bear-$30
 Bear with presents-$25
 Gingerbread tree-$40
 2 Drummer Boys-$30 each
 Mrs Clause W Candy Cane-$40 without $35
 Snowman red star scarf and broom-$55 Missing one button(sharpie can fix that)Might have his carrot nose
 Snowman with sled-$40-Has rope for sled
 Santa with green bag of toys-$60-Rocking horse in bag
 Santa green package whispering with toy bag-$95 Faded in some spots-Has metal light plate holder
 Santa with scroll-$30 hole in nose and another small one nearby
 Santa with reindeer-$40 Light paint missing
 Candle with red base-$8
 Lantern top-$12-Not one pictured.This is red and smaller
 $40 penguin with igloo
 2 Noel Candles-Have extra tops!
Haunted house-$75
 Big Ghost with tombstone-$90
 2 Big Ghosts with cat-$45
 Small ghost with pumpkin-Price pending
 2 Big Pumpkins
 2 Angel Blowmolds-Similiar to pictured-No trumpet
$50-Ceramic Tabletop vintage christmas tree-Email for pic
 $10 each- 20in Holographic matching snowflakes
Brand New Christmas Stockings
 Very nice plush fabric. Really Pretty $12 each
Brand New round matching table cloths. $5 each
Brand New-Matching fabric placemats-Red and Green $1 each
Brand New Christmas tree skirt-$14
 Big Ghost with tombstone-$90
 Tombstones with skull head(black and white) on right-$40 each
Not for sale right now:
 Zombie head tombstone
 Tombstone with skeleton and 2 rats
 Seasons Greetings Lantern-This is extremely rare so trying to get a price.







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F.Y.I. to all!!!

If you have had issues with non payment on Ebay or issues here not paying someone,I will NOT sell to you!!!.Most people are good but as we all know their are some bad apples as they call it.  I am a honest person all around and expect it back. I have perfect feedback on Ebay to show I'm good. Payment is made through Paypal,and I will take a picture of me packing ur item for proof it's going out if You would like that ;)


Thank You :)

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I have a few candle tops,1 lantern top, a patriotic snowman(hat needs a little work),another candle,the Mickey above, and another gingerbread tree available. I have a older choir girls head also. Anyone still looking.


I need to find a santa with sleigh. Does NOT have to be vintage for a freind. Anyone local have?? Long island



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