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Walmart Lights

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My favorite is when people think you work there and are afraid that you’re taking all the lights down.  You’ll notice people running over to get their one or two boxes.  Sometimes someone will ask why you’re taking them down so soon.  :o 


That’s when you have to decide whether you want to tell them and risk a long discussion with someone that thinks it sounds cool but doesn’t really know what you just said or just say ‘yeah’ and  quickly get your stash out of there because you can’t believe you just got a fantastic deal. ;) 

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LOL. you will get that a lot, wait till the end of the season when you can really stock up and see what kinda looks you get then.


You used to be able to do this a lot, but at least around here in eastern VA, they've really soured their stock on single color incans, and getting any sizable quantity at a discount is often difficult. :-\ 

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