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Not sure where to post this. I need to know what kind of speakers people use that have music in their displays. Ours is not a computer controlled display but a static display.

I did at one time use large indoor stereo speakers wrapped in plastic and made to look like holiday gifts to disguise them with the speaker wire ran through a window hooked to the stereo that was just inside the window. Worked but I think that there is an easier way.

Any ideas?

Let me know.

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I would just look around on amazon, if they are going to get a lot of snow and ice i wouldn't spend a fortune ion them. Yamaha makes some decent one's for around $70. I wouldn't wory about hiding them too much, as long as they are black or green maybe even white if you get a lot of snow they won't be that noticeable. If you have a local best buy then they might have some on display you can listen to.

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