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I wanted to share how I installed my lights on the roofline this year utilizing www.liteclipstrip.com


I had five goals

 1. not to damage the shingle seal by placing clips under the shingle year after year

 2. faster installation

 3. even distribution

 4. keep the lights from blowing off the roof

 5. little to store off season


The lite clips strips solved all these issues


I used exterior liquid nails and the strips are on tight.




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So, am I reading this right.....liquid nails was used to hold the tracks in place?  So, are the tracks now permanent on your roof?  I wonder if there is anything similiar for hanging icicle lights.  The one thing I detest more than anything is when some of my strands blow up onto the roofline and I have to go out with a long pole and pull them off the roof and get them hanging down again.

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I too use Colonade Light Clip Strips (and use C9 light clips) and have them mounted on my fascia boards and painted to match. I do have one question for you. How DID you attach to shingles? I tried several different adhesives on my ridge line and nothing stuck due to the granules on the shingles. I am curious how you installed.


Stefan, the light clip strips are a 1/4" diameter so you can use these with standard mini lights light clips for 1/4" wire frames and clip them to the strip. Many vendors also make wire holders for 1/4" wire (see link). You can use either to atach icicle lights (or any mini lights)



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