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95% Done With Display!

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Its not the need of a tripod...its the digital cameras...their just too slow to capture lights without blurring.  I did find it interesting that you had to add a sign that video cameras are in use....its sad when the greedy take even from the needy.....I stopped doing the Angel Tree adoptions...I've seen too many "Have's" take advantage of the program so now my husband and I find and help families that we know are in need but too proud to ask for help.....a rarity in this day and age but they do still exist (the proud part)....I can tell story after story of people I've known throughout the years that feel the need to brag like its an accomplishment of how they signed up and took anything and everything they could from the charities, food banks, and  Angel Gifts out of greed not need; and sadly, it seems to be the trend not the few.  Sorry off topic....your display looks great both day and night ...makes me wish mine was done....but I've barely started. :blink:

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I have also so many people who don't need help use the charities and take from people who actually need it. that's why I decided to go with breast cancer research. it is something that has affected both my wife and my family and the donations go to finding a cure so I know so.e "leechers" can't take from the charity who don't need it. as far as the camera signs, it is unfortunate i have to take those precautions. a few years ago I had some kids pop some of my blow ups and once someone stole something so I was forced to out cameras up especially since I am taking donations. it also protects our show. it sucks that I spend 2 months setting up my display so that kids and adults can smile when they see my display and because it attracts do much attention it puts a bullseye on my house for derelict Kidd to be idiots. I haven't had any incidents in a few years but this is my first year in a new neighborhood so im hoping for a smooth season.

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