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Christmas 2013, Just Not Getting Going

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It wouldn't be A light display without at LEAST one monkey wrench!  Glad to hear you took the "Doc's" advise!  The funk passed!  That's ONE success!  Your TFT drive, makes TWO!   Congrads on that!


We also did A Toys for Tots drive.  I can't think of A better charity that is SO focused on Christmas to have as A benefactor of our lights!  Seems to fit like A glove!


We've been asked SO many times, if we accept donations, for the power bill, etc.  The answer was always, no.  That's why I go to work every day!  Well, that and the mortgage!


I'm just upset that it took me THIS long (11 years) to figure it out!  Why NOT use the display to benefit others?  It's there, the people are there, why so long to connect the dots?  Well, I never claimed to be A genius. 


Anyway, problem solved.  TFT will be invited here, every year the display is here!  If my 11yo holds true to his word, they will come to HIS house as well!  Insert "proud Pappa" comment here!


We received, almost $700 in cash donations, this year, and 5, 30 gallon bags FILLED with toys!  Just shy of filling A full sized pick up's bed.  But that's 5X's what we did LAST year!


The difference?  I went on two local radio stations promoting the drive!  It had an AWSOME effect!  SGT. Rob was working his (butt) off!  And he loved every second of it!  It helped that it wasn't raining this year!  Those donations were the result of four hours "work" over two nights.   A suggestion for you there, for your next years drive!  I CAN'T say no, to A Marine in full dress blues, not many radio stations will either!


Some people (regular viewers) were ACTUALLY UPSET, that they hadn't heard about it! (the drive)  Some even left, went to Walmart, and returned to drop off A toy!  How cool is THAT!


SGT. Rob, wants to come back for four days next year!  Of course, he's welcome EVERY DAY!  Sadly, my entire county has only four uniformed Marines evolved with TFT.  So the demands on them are enormous!  Knowing THAT, it makes me feel all that much better that they see "value" in our display, as A fundraiser!


On A side note, your Obama care denied your bill for my services!  LOL!


I'm mildly upset with you!  You had Limos (plural) out in front!  I didn't have ONE!  I'll have to work on that for next year!  LOL!


Merry AFTER Christmas!



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