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Replacement C9 Bulbs

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Not even sure they even sell incandescent replacement bulbs.  But with todays LED tech.  Who'd want them?  LED's are the way to go.  Higher purchase price, yes.  But you gain that back 10 fold in longevity and electric savings.  And they do sell screw in LED's for C9's


I asked Lori, I THINK she said her C9's have 11?  LEDS per bulb.  Not certain of that.  But it's close. 


I ordered a gross of strings from them for the first time this year.  I have nothing but positive things to say about them.



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I have seen multi color and clear C9 strings at HD, Walmart, and Lowes for like $2 a string.


I don't need to stock up any more sense I switched to C9 retros from Val at www.christmas-leds.com this year. Out of the box I had no failure rate. Her's are 5 leds per C9 bulb and 3 leds per C7 bulb

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Walmart here stopped selling C7 strands last year, and C9's this year, and the only bulbs they sold were ceramic RED, GREEN and BLUE in C9, and Ceramic RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE and clear RED, clear Blue and clear GREEN and clear in C7


Same at Walmart, Lowes, & Home Depot around my area too. If you want the old style multi colored C7/C9 bulbs or retrofit multi colored LED C7/C9 bulbs, you have to buy them online because local stores are pushing the new LED stuff.  If you do find multi colored LED C7/C9 lights in stores, they want you to buy the complete light strings where the bulbs are attached permanently or use special bulbs with prongs on the ends of the bulbs.  Gee, that way if one bulb burns out I have to buy a complete new set, or buy special LED bulbs with prongs on the ends. I smell something fishy here, don't you?. :angry:  

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