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Hey Where You All At?

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Hey Fellow New Yorkers!


  So where is everybody at?  Nothing has been posted in here for a long long time.  There is already a post for where you are located but now I want to know why you haven't posted in here!?


  Let's get this rockin' again!  We need to coordinate and help each other out with this weather coming in!!!!  Give us your tips and tricks!  Let us know how the decorating is coming for 2013!


  Shout out folks!  S H O U T  O U T ! ! ! ! ! ! !


  I personally haven't begun putting things out.  Been hesitant due to the weather!  And now we have more winter weather coming in starting tomorrow so I'm really not sure if I should begin or not! :(  I even have stuff to build still!!!!!  How crazy is that!?  Boy I'm behind the ball game this year.. :(



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Awesome!   Looks like I have one close to me..  I'm in Batavia danielwr31!!!


Let's see what did I accomplish today...


Mega Tree is up (not connected yet but up at least)

4 arches are in place

both mega poles / fire sticks are upright although not really set yet as they are leaning (did 'em by myself so I did what I could)


And that is it.  Oh well my deer are out of the basement and in the garage now.  I have to fix my fawn as it would appear the lights are dead so I have to figure out where that is.  The whole string too go figure.


And then I need to get moving as I'm in the 8-12" range for snow coming so if I don't get things laid out now then I won't be able to..  Gotta get all those cables run!!!! lol  Let mother nature bury 'em! :)

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