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Very Nice Neighbor

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That just makes everybodies day...that's something that you will always remember when you put them out. I don't have neighbors like that, our last neighborhood frowned at our Halloween and Christmas displays and not one in the neighborhood put up so much  as a wreath on the door....and our new temporary neighborhood wont put up any decorations but they don't mind asking when I'm gonna get mine up since Halloween blew them away...they apparently never saw a lightshow before.

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That is awesome, I remember my neighbors I had in Illinois, god how I loved them. I was 22 just moved into my own rental house and was low income. Had basically no furniture or anything. My neighbor ran around the entire neighborhood collecting furniture and household items for me. There are truly some real angels left in this world and I'm glad you have such great people living next to you!


Sadly over here everyone keeps to them selves. I guess that is the Swiss mentality.

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