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Triac Switch Box


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Hi all, hope you had a good Thanksgiving I'm trying to build a small relay box to that would take the signal from a commercial multifunction light controller and make it useable for other full strands of lights. most of the boards I have have four outputs, on the plastic case it shows 0 through 4, but on the board it shows + through 3,( there is a fifth output on the board but it is just the holes and traces no components),,ive tore open an instant light show and found about the same components inside but in the ils there are 5 watt cements resistors and triacs, the transistor codes are different to,.. I know if I plug a normal strand into the box it works but its slowly burns up the transistor. I'm not sure if it is power feeding back that is burning it or it having to put so much power out. is there a way I could prevent that from happening? I could really use the help ,any ideas

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