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Incan Minis Wired In Series - What Is The Third Wire?

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I am attempting to make a 4 channel controller using an old multifunction string.  I have 4 really old strings of incan minis that I want to harvest female plugs from but they all have 3 wires coming from the plugs.  I have traced the wires end to end, and found that all the lights are on 1 wire in series, and that the other 2 wires go directly from male to female plug.  How do I identify the neutral wire?  What is the other wire?  I don't have any electrical tools (voltmeter etc) at my disposal and really don't want to have to buy any for this project.





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The 2 wires going straight from plug to plug is so you can plug another set into the end thus making the 2 strands parallel. Each strand drops approximately 120v so going parallel is the only way to plug more than one stand end to end. In longer strings you will see a 3rd wire going to the 51st bulb to power the 2nd half of a 100 count string. That is why if you have a loose bulb only 1/2 of a 100ct string will go out.

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