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Cutting Apart And Salvaging Multifunction Snowflake Sets?

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Hi all, I posted this over on another forum and didn't get any response, but could really use some pointers:


Clearly I know just enough to make myself dangerous!


I have a few strings of those 8 function snowflakes from a few years ago, some of which have partially ceased to function. It occurred to me that instead of tossing them out, that I could possibly cut them into individual snowflakes, put a plug on them and use them as toppers for my mini trees. So, tonight I did just that, and plugged one in and HOLY H. E. double hockey sticks, it was BRIGHT. and I don't mean just sorta bright, I mean like 5 times as bright. I left them plugged in for a few minutes and they didn't blow out the bulbs, or trip the circuit breaker, so it's not a wiring thing. What am I not taking into account that would cause this? Is it a wattage versus amperage (voltage) thing (where I need to change the wattage of the bulbs now that they're out of the series set)?

I'd really like to be able to salvage these, if i can figure out a way, but I don't want to sacrifice my controllers because I'm doing something stupid.

Thoughts? Pointers? Call me crazy?


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As far as I know, it's a voltage thing.  Standard minis are 2.5v, and are designed for a longer string of lights (2.5v x 50 lights = 125 v; close enough to the 120 coming out of the wall).  I would see if you can find replacement bulbs with higher voltage ratings to sub in.  Take 120, divide by the number of bulbs on your snowflakes and try to find a bulb that matches.  If you can't find them, look for a cheap wireframe etc that has the same or similar number of bulbs and swap them into your snowflake.


Alternatively, if you have minis on your trees you could shorten a string of minis by the number of bulbs on the snowflake and just patch the snowflakes onto that string.

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