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Dimming Leds (Resistors)

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All of my LOR dimmers don't seem to have a problem dimming my LED lights, but the one I bought from D-Light a few years back has never been able to do it and sometimes will not even turn them all the way off.


Previously, I just used the controller for things that I didn't care dimmed smothly, but this year I absolutly need that controller so...


I was wondering if by adding a resistor in parallel to the output would be help the smoothness of the fade. If so, what resistance, wattage, etc.


Are any of  you electricians going to yell at me for wiring them right across the backside of the plugs I have connected my controller, because I'm not going to buy dummy plugs to terminate the strings with?


Best Regards,


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Most are using a 47k 1 watt resistor and having good success with it.  I'm not an electrician, but I wouldn't do what you are proposing because it would leave 110V exposed.    :o  At least as I envision how you are talking about doing it.

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I built the controllers, and instead of having the (dangly plugs), I mounted the controller to the wall with 4 dual gang boxes beneath it (4 channels each). I was going to connect the resistors across the screw terminals on the back, covered side of the plugs.



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