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New Inflatable--Lights Not Working--Advice?

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I have the new Gemmy snow globe inflatable from Lowe's that is Frosty the Snowman with the rabbit at the bottom and a big black snowman hat on top.  Got the LAST one within 60 miles of where I live after checking online and brought it home, plugged in and no lights.  I have over 100 inflatables and have never had one that the lights didn't work.  If I take it back I won't get another one...that would be my last resort.  ...and I'm not electrically inclined...but wondered if anyone had any advice I could pass on to my husband for things we might do to get the lights going???  I was so excited over this snow globe and am soooo disappointed!!!  I hope to get it fixed.  Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. :(



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If it was the last one it may have been a store display and the bulbs might have burned out....I would try replacing a bulb or two to see if the light strand even has power....If not some of the inflatables have a separate cord to run the lights inside the airblown ...that cords is connected through a plug to the actual motor...If this airblown is set up that way you could try splicing the old plug and replace i with a new one....

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