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Every year I have light string bitten through by squirrles and rabbits. This year only took 2 days before I had to repair LED light strings bitten clean through. Seems the squirrles think the rectifier (or whatever the "bobble" is) on the string looks like a nut. Aggrivating to say the least.


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I wonder if cayenne pepper spray would work to keep them away.  Works for dogs to keep them from biting things, may work for squirrels.  Sprinkle or spray (make a cayenne pepper spray) a little on and all it takes is one time.  Unfortunately, that would be one time per squirrel.  But squirrels do communicate and they will let the others know that it is not a good "nut."  Trust me on the communication thing - long story, but give one squirrel a peanut and they all show up.  So I guess give a squirrel cayenne and they will find a real nut instead.  As far as the rabbits - what about wrapping your cords with screen mesh?

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