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Snowflake Christmas Cake Recipe

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Snowflake Christmas cake with glittering snowflakes will make an attractive decoration over a classical Christmas cake. It is a pure white cake with glittering snowflakes.


Ingredients Required


  • Basic Christmas cake (which is of size 20 cm - round (or) else it can be of 18 cm and  square too)
  • 100 – 125 grams of white sugar-paste (trimmings of the cake, which goes waste can also be used)
  • Edible - luster dust (Edible glitters can also be used, which will give additional sparkle to the snowflakes).
  • Silver colored dragees
  • cutters (snowflake cookie)

Preparation Part for Snowflake Christmas Cake Recipe

  1. Cover the Christmas cake with the help of marzipan and also with sugar paste.
  2. Knead the sugar-paste nicely to make it pretty soft and then roll it over the surface, which is sparingly dusted with the help of icing sugar. Spread some lustre dust over the sugar-paste (so that it doesn’t become too sticky) and also brush it on the surface, with the help of a dry paint-brush.
  3. With the help of cutters, cut out snow-flakes in different sizes. Now re-roll in the sugar-paste as required to get enough flakes, and here, no need to worry regarding the lustre dust over it, just try to knead it in and then brush some, over the top, much before cutting out another flakes.
  4. Brush some water, where the dragees are to be fixed, this is to loosen up and also press dragees lightly into its place. Mix some of the white color sugar-paste with water to make sticky glue. With the help of this, stick the layers of snow-flake well together and to fix them over the cake. And also wrap it up with colorful ribbons around the Snowflake Delicious Christmas Cake.

Have a grand Christmas with the delicious recipe.

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