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Lor, Animated Ligting, D-Light, Midi Light Or Other Program/hardware?

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I have been doing a static light display for many years.  I want to add some motion to it next year.  Actually been thinking about it for several years now.  The problem I am having is deciding which company to use.  I see a lot of Light - O - Rama users on this forum, but was wondering how the other companies stack up.  I intend to start off small - probably will just do my mega tree the first year but have plans to expand the show immensely.   I would like it to be something on the lines of Dolly Wood’s  Carol of the Trees on steroids (there are several videos online).   I have researched websites and forums on here, and am pretty handing with a computer (was a computer science teacher) but I have to say, all these technical terms are frying my brain.  I tend learn most effectively through hands on.    So here are my questions…  Which company do you prefer (LOR, Animated Lighting, Midi Light, D-Light) and why?   What is the maximum # of channels I can use in each (have searched websites and can’t find that info)?  Any ideas and thoughts will be helpful.   

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Think the Question to ask yourself is why do you see more of x-brand over y-brand on the forum?


I can speak for L.O.R.

The product is good

Easy to set up

Many off the shelf sequences you can use for free and easily modify to suit yourself..

And you don't need to be computer literate....just have patience and imagination.

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