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This Years Decorations

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Well got a late start on these but figured I would show where I am at on them. (sorry for the crappy pics, my phone messed up and had to use my old one)





got a little more writing to do on the signs for the reindeer and penguins. Then I gotta seal them and put them out in the yard, more pictures coming later.

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I free-handed them from images i found online.  


The elves came from images off shuttershack.


The reindeer are based off http://www.thewinfieldcollection.com/product/Reindeer_Trio_Yard_Sign/Reindeer_Sleighs


Santa and Rudolph are based off http://www.christmaslightshow.com/Falling-Santa-wood-patterns.html


The Train is based off http://www.thewinfieldcollection.com/product/1017/Gingerbread  I added the toy soldiers and am planning on hanging a sign off their candy canes to say "Merry Christmas"


The penguins I do not recall where I found the image for that.

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So here are the pics of the decorations out.







sorry for the big pictures.


I can't wait to start adding more to these. I'll probably cut out the white portion above Santa's head. And a little story while setting these up. One reindeer antler broke off, it survived 2-3 weeks of being moved around in the shop, 1 - 20 mile trip to the house, and while deciding on where to put them it fell over on to my wife's foot and brook off, so for 2 days the middle reindeer had a piece of wood clamped over his face to glue hi antler back on.

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Based on your pictures, I think with the C9s, you can go down to 8" without the lights bleeding into each other.  I am thinking of doing this for my roof (currently at 12" spacing).  However, I was thinking of doing the house and windows with C7s at 6" spacing.


I kind of like to see some spacing between the bulbs illumination.

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