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Show Your Nativity Scene(S)

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The nativity above was originally from my grandparents house, and was built in 1965.   I recreated it exactly at my house, including the original Poloron and Beco figures.  The only thing I had to replace was the angel on the roof. The original was a Royal flatback  that got destroyed in storgage.

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My Classic BECO Christmas Display plus some other items thrown in. I am originally from Chicago area, Grandparents had a grocery store near Midway Airport for years. I spent the first 9 years of my life in OakForest. Bothe my Grandfather and father were avid Christmas Decorators. We had all Beco products due to the fact one of my aunts worked for BECO. I have always loved there products, it has taken me 3 years to replace the items we had when I was growing up. So I hope you enjoy my "Beco-Ful" display as much as my family does? I love Christmastime :)


Merry Christmas To All!!!




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