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Storing Blow Molds


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My first post is a new topic, I know I know.....not proper forum etiquette, my apologies.


I've always had an appreciation for vintage holiday decorations and I've recently started to add blow molds to my own personal display.  Haven't got around to thrift store hunting yet and I'm excited to learn that Craigslist is a hotbed of blow mold hunting.


As I hope to grow my collection, I want to make sure I properly take care of my pieces of art.


I searched the forums for any tips on storing blow molds for longevity but I was unable to find anything relevant.


I live in the Mid-Atlantic and our weather can range from extreme heat and humidity in the summer to frigid cold in the winter.


I would like to store my blow molds in our attic, which is susceptible to the elements (heat/cold temps).  I am hoping that those of you who are more experienced in collecting, displaying and especially storing blow molds can give me some advice on all weather storage.


Thanks in advance!



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I keep mine above my in-laws garage where the temperature is basicaaly the same as outside. Never any issues.


Tips I have followed.


Never stack where weight will bend the blowmold from heat.


Never lay down the big ones. Stand, stand, stand


Never use sand in a blowmold. It will destroy the Blowmold VERY fast.


Where ever you store make sure air does flow. 


Keep mouse traps out if the danger is there. They will nest and same for wasps.


The biggest thing that destroys them is dampness and direct sunlight.


Most of mine are from Craigslist and were stored in a garage or basement.


Its fun and learn wiring. I have had to rewire a lot of them because of age.


I use mostly CFLs in mine because a 13watt cfl has the same lumens as a 60 watt bulb and so on


I am up to 100 this year and I have quiet a few originals that were made in the sixties.   :-)

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Where in the mid-Atlantic region do you live? As a Virginia native and resident, I know all too well about the extreme temps!


I store most of mine in a temperature controlled storage unit. However, Halloween is stored in my attic and they do just fine up there. No problems or issues caused because of the extreme heat of the DC summers. They'll be just fine. I have a friend in Florida who stores his entire collection in the attic, and they are fine too.  I mean, if you are able to keep them in a climate controlled place... that would be the best, but it's nearly impossible as the size of the collection gets bigger.


I do recommend putting the molds in clear plastic bags for storage. They keep the paint protected, clean, and nothing can crawl up into them and you can carry a lot more at one time ;) .

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Going on the theory that plastic ages faster in heat, I didn't store my blow molds in my attic until I had it properly ventilated a few years ago. When I was reorganizing last year I bought two sizes of clear plastic trash can liners at a janitorial supply store and sealed most of them in those. This keeps them dust free while allowing me to see what I want to retrieve.

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