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Do You Change Your Display Throughout The Season?

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For years my daily commute has taken me past one of my favourite decorated houses. This family has a static display, with few strings of lights (house, tree, fence), but they have 3 life-sized figures: Santa, Mrs Claus and an elf. Every few days the figures are moved into different positions, and all 3 are always working towards a common goal - getting Santa on the roof. Every year they use a different method: giant slingshot, tightrope walking, pogo stick, giant spring etc. It always takes several attempts but by Christmas Day they always make it. It's always fun to drive by and see if Santa is closer to getting on the roof. (Today Santa had fallen inside the giant spring and Mrs Claus is trying to pull him out!)

I have never heard of anyone else changing up their display like this, have you?

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