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Downsizing Display

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I am reducing the size of my display and have the following items for pickup.  All items are free and are located in Martinsburg WV.

8 Fire stick/Bellagio light poles. 10 ft. tall 7 - 100 count clear strings on pole with red Star Light Sphere  on top.  Some spheres  only  have half of the lights light up.  5 ft ¾” EMT for mounting included.


4 Homemade giant snowflakes.   Each one different and use 200-300 incandescent lights.  Made from ¼ inch steel rod and need painting.  10 ft. section of 1 1/2 “ PVC included for mounting next to house.


Original 10-12 foot mega tree from Christmas Light Show.  Needs repainting and slight repair.

Wooden platform for use on uneven ground also available.


2 40 ft C7 strands red bulbs

2 40 ft C7 strands clear bulbs

2 40 ft C7 strands green bulbs

2 60 ft C7 strand red bulbs

2 60 ft C7 strand green bulb

2 60 ft C7 strand clear bulb

All on green wire


8 20 ft C7strands red bulbs

8 20 ft C7 strands clear bulbs

8 20 ft C7 strands green bulbs

All on white wire


4 Chauvet Color Splash Jr. LED DMX floodlights

They work, but there are some dead LEDs.



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