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Best Way To Store Plywood Cutouts?

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How do you store your cutouts? I have several wood cutouts that I need to store for the year. Any suggestions on the best way to store them? How to keep them from touching, or bending?? Anything else I need to know about storing them would be great to learn in advance from you guys.  (They range from 5ft x 5ft -ish to smaller one approx 1ft x 1ft. All holidays - Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc) Thanks for your help!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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I just hang them from my basement rafters and stack them three or four high. Smaller ones on top of larger ones.
I have pieces of wire off of the bottom of mine where I have conduit clamps to mount to poles in the yard. During storage I have lots of cutouts and hand some in 2 areas of the cellar and one area of the garage off of nails in the cellar rafters and hooks in the ceiling of the garage. Leave room to store other stuff underneath them and over the years we found that leaning them against the wall sometimes led to warping.
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