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How Do You Simulate Ice And Snow?


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I know MANY of you are going to make jokes about not needing to simulate snow, but for those of us in California ;)...


Any thoughts on how to simulate snow or ice? I have two cast-iron gates I would love to make look icy and I wouldn't mind "rolling valleys" of snow either, though outdoors I think a blanket is out of the question.



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For nighttime, cool white LED lights (used as iciclelights on structures, or laid across the ground) create an icy/wintery look to me. For daytime, I have seen people use white batting from craft/quilting stores -- though it can look messy/dirty fairly quickly. For icicles hanging from gates, what about carved pieces of Styrofoam or painted cardboard or wood cutouts in the shape of icicles? For rolling valleys or ground coverings (other than batting), I'm not sure -- spray paint? Haha! I am interested to hear what other people suggest Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk

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To late for 2013, but you can start buying on sale now for 2014.


You can rent an snow machine and buy lots of blocks of ice to make it.

You can use one of those Snow Light Flurries machines to simulate snow and snowflakes falling that is projected onto your house.



Artificial snow is very very expensive. But if you limit the area, it won't cost so much.



You can paint your grass white. It wont kill it. In the springtime the new growth will overcome any paint.  I live in Southern Georgia, nearly tropical climate, and we don't get snow. The grass always comes back green in the spring.


for the gate, can you hang Icicle lights (Gemmy LED icicles http://www.gemmy.com/LightShow_Shooting_Star_Icicle_Light_String_p/82063.htm)  on the gate to look like icicles?

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