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Do I Get Out Of The Blowmold Business?

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I have so many comments stating that this years shows was so much better than in the past with all of my 125 blow molds setup. This year

I only used about 10 in my Nativity.  The rest was lights, with LOR.  Hmmmmm. What do I do now?  I guess I should please my audience.



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You could split the 125 blow molds into groups of about 42 and rotate each year. The paint on the molds would not fade as fast because they would be out of the elements longer.  It would also change your display design each year.  Just a thought. :)  


I personally think you can't get enough blow molds. :cool:

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Tim Ive been working on a color changing snowman idea also.    I already use the big empire snowman in red, blue, and green.  The blue one you can see for miles lol 


As for cutting down on blowmolds used.   I'm heading in the other direction.   Ive used more molds this year than ever and the only thing keeping me from adding more is the lack of power.   Ive put CFL and low watt bulbs in my molds already.   Next step is either expand the power grid or invest in CREE LED's lol    Or maybe both??? : )

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