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New To This Wanting To Learn What To Do For 2014

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If I am understanding your question, you want to know how to change a strand from clear to green to red.  If that is your question, Plauche has answered it for you.  RGB's (which I have no experience with) are color changing lights and seem to be very expensive.  The other option is to make what some folks call 'super strands' which are strands of lights braided together.  If you want clear, red, and green, you braid those 3 color strands together into a single strand.  Then you have to have a channel to control each color, so that they either flash separately or fade into one another or whatever effect you are seeking.  So, one super stand can take 3-4 lighting channels to make it work. Multiple that times 4 super strands on a simple tree  and you have used up a single LOR controller for one tree.   Then you have to have the extension cords to run each channel.  It is a very impressive effect and looks cool but it is very time intensive and expensive to do. If you decide to do it, you'll get lots of ooooohhhhs and ahhhs.  Happy wrapping.

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If you are just starting, RGB probably is a bit intense. I primarily use LOR controllers with various light colors, but am working on some RGB stuff now to see if I can get it working the way I want. I completely cover the roof and walls with both clear and multi-color lights, then use other colors in different areas. For example, I have a "rainbow tree" on the front lawn that uses pretty much the colors of the rainbow.


I have seen all white lights, and it has a great classy look to it. During my intermissions I cycle slowly through different looks, at one point during the cycle having only white lights on. It's a matter of preference I think. Go for what you enjoy.

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