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I've been looking everywhere for this blow mold and I can't seem to get anyone to sell me theirs. So I was wondering if anyone had the reindeer parking sign for sale. I'm thinking it shouldn't be hard to take the plastic sign part off and make a stencil and paint it like a peppermint. Has anyone done this? Just wondering. Id also like to purchase the merry christmas outline and make a merry christmas sign out of another reindeer parking sign. Message me Thanks! post-18866-0-08146200-1388385302_thumb.j

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I believe he wants the 54" tall, not the common 34" ones.  The plastic sign part is held on by three little tabs that fit into three holes in the face of the blowmold.  I managed to find some faces (Merry Christmas and Reindeer Parking) that seemed to have been made for separate sales.  They did not have the tabs, and they still had the original tags on them.  I had a couple of the molds with damaged signs, so I replaced them - just used small screws to attach the signs.  I don't see any problem painting them, just use the "back" (no mounting holes) facing front.  The signs pop off pretty easily.

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