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I was just approched my a new show who want to do a story about our lights. that right they approuched us on the 30th of December and doing some research this show only airs on weekends. so the soonest that there would be a story is the 4th of January? Here is the message they sent.




My name is Nathan Luber and I am a commercial producer at WICS-TV for the show Illinois Central. I apologize I am messageing you from my personal page, but I couldn't message you from our Illinois Central page for some reason.

Anyway, we were wanting a contact for who could talk to us about the holiday house. We know where it is at, but no contact info other than that.

We would like to do a story on this house for the show. I know if it kind of late notice, but if at all possible we would like to come out today/tonight to interview the home owner and operator about how the lights work, some difficulties setting things up, what they mean, where the money goes and things like that.

We would really appreciate a call back or email ASAP if possible.

You can reach me on my cell at 217-370-8974 or by email at [email protected]

Thank you for your time. Can't wait to hear from you!

Nathan Luber
Commercial Producer



Now we raise money for our local Autism Program and donations this year have not been great put this story couldn't air till 4 days after the show is done for the year. Can anything good come from this? how would you handle the interview? What should I expect? There was a Newspaper article on us last year in the early part of December and I think it really helped drive donations. This year we were told after the fact that the local news did a story on us after the weather on Christmas Eve. But they never contacted us? It was about 20 seconds of air time and from the sounds of it they quoted our Face book page for their details. So we still haven’t seen this story because they want $20 for a tape of it? What do you guys thinks this is new to me and I know some of you have worked with the media before any advice?




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Hi Steve,


We've also received a lot of media this year (newspaper and even national television) and it was fun and also attracted a lot of people from all over the country to our show. Now i must say that here in Belgium lights on music is completely new to most people so the show got a lot of attention and positive comments.


This is the commercial on national television :


Now for my opinion on the message you've received, i think they come pretty late with that. Christmas has allready past and newyears eve is only one day away. Also it's weird that the writer "for some reason" contacts you personally and not from his work, but offcourse he can also have a correct reason for that.


One little advice. Tell them in advance you want to tell YOUR story and NOT the story they want to bring ;-)  Have had an experience with another national television when they've did our halloween show and it was a very bad experience. They told me what i must say during the interview and afterwards when i watched it on television a felth bad and told myself i will never ever allow any local television that again.


Hope this helps ;-)


Oh, almost forgot, the television station sended us the mp4 for free without charges ;-)

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Can't hurt to give the guy a call.  Find out what they are looking to do and what they are willing to do.  If it is going to work out, leave the display up for one more weekend.  It might get you a few more donations.  Also ask if they would be willing to come back early next year.


Just remember, everything is negotiable.

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So i just talked to them they say they aren't sure when they would air this could be any time next year and possable around the holidays next year be re-run. they seem to be very intrested in the set up and programing part. I know im not comfortable getting to involed with the hardware and cost stuff or letting a camera crew in my house i don't want to make us a target. they do also want to talk about why we raise money. I know I wouldn't let my Autistic son be interviewed. what would you do?

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I looked over the website. This guy is a producer for a local interest show, and he's probably trying to drum up some b-roll for use later in the year. I'm guessing he watched a few episodes of the Light Fight and is thinking "I bet I can find someone like that around here!" I could be wrong, but I suspect he is more interested in you as an interesting/quirky personality than your light show or the organizations you support.


In your shoes, I might let him that know you aren't interested in filming a "behind-the-scenes" segment, but that if he wants to film your display and place emphasis on your support for the Autism program, you would be interested. If a spokesperson from the organization you support is available and willing to put in some camera time, then that might be a good idea. That would provide a positive angle that could publicize your display/cause without exposing your family to undue public scrutiny.

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Let them know right up front what is ok and what is not ok. Then they can make the decision to interview you or not. Just remember to stick to what you feel comfortable with.

It sounds like it could be fun and get you some publicity for your local autism program. You should also through in you want a free copy of the video they did on your lights already.

I can believe the wouldn't give you a copy. 

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Well after the advice here and much thought I decided to pass on this at this time. I asked the producer how they heard of turns out they saw our show in a local events calendar (my idea to bring more attention to our cause.)  Not sure if they have even seen the display yet. They did say it might air any time during the year so that seemed odd to me. Seems this show only airs during the spring till early fall. They seemed to be more focused on the behind the scenes stuff which would be a little more then I ‘m comfortable sharing at this time. (Feel like it’s just a chance to open my doors to the criminal types.). I did invite them to contact me closer to next year so if they showed stuff it would be what people might see next year. They seemed to like this idea asked if they could film during the set up, I let them know we could talk about it.   As far as them focusing on our effort for our charity, TAP filmed a lot of video this year of our display and I told them they could contact TAP and see if they wanted to talk to them and share the footage. I’m sure this isn’t what they wanted but right now it’s what felt right.


Thanks everyone for your input.


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