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You know your a Christmas Lights Fanatic When?!?

Scott Colson

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:waycool:You know your a Christmas light fanatic when

- you get zapped by a string of lights 7 times but you insist "their fine"

- your in the shower and the lights go off because the light OUTSIDE pull so much juice (i have done that)

-you use up that Wal-Mart gift card you got for Christmas on lights for next year:waycool:

- there is no more room in the attic or garage because there full on holiday decorations, your car is outside in the snow and everything that was in the attic is now in a storage space.

-all you get for Christmas and your birthdayis holiday light, inflatables, blow mold, etc.(i am getin a Halloween inflatable for Christmas from santa this year)LOL:waycool:

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You know you are a CLF when you run up to Wal-Mart to pick up some Christmas lights only to find that they don’t have any left on their shelves. So you demand to see the store manager, who calmly asks you what is the matter. You tellhim that you can’t believe thathis storeis out of Christmas lights, and that you are going to go straight to the district manager if he doesn’t get you some lights soon. The manager tells you that he is sorry that his store is out of lights, but that his store normally doesn’t carry lights during Easter. When Christmas rolls around, we should have more lights, he says.

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itsmejrv wrote:

You know your a CLF when you have to ask your neighbors if you can run extension cords from there home beacuse you just cant get enough juice on your own.


I'm doomed! I borrowed power from my neighbor before they tore his house down! :cryingsong:

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...the power company builds a new substation in your neighborhood...

... NASA asks for your display schedule so they can compensate their satellites' orbitfor the magnetic field from your lights....

... your house is mentioned in the World Book article on Aurora Borealis...

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Joel Lange wrote:

Do we have a personals section??? lol

Haha!:laughing:Good question. I'll sign up when it happens.

You know you're a CLF when you're DESPERATE to get home from a dance far away by 1:30 in the morning so that you can see your late night display before it gets turned off!

Man I was sweating it down 501 tonight!:shock:

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precursor - first year doing the house in lights. no controllers, only a static display.

you debate and have plans to build a miniature version of your home to test "how the lights would look" by playing with the colors.

For those with animation, to see how the display looks before "Go-Live".

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