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You know your a Christmas Lights Fanatic When?!?

Scott Colson

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When you add two new 20 amp circuts to the front of the house (yesterday) and are already eyeing that one last empty slot in the breaker box (last night) and are already considering the fact that maybe I should have just run bigger gauge wire to start with and went with 30 amp breakers (this morning)

All of that and I have not even put out 20 amps of lights yet

Also, planning a big trip around town the day after Christmas for cheap lights.

Also getting up earlier than I have to to post on here before work Which reminds me, I should have left the house 5 minutes ago --5am-- gotta go

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My family was watching that during my sequencing-marathon just before Thanksgiving. Had me come down and watch Buddy's "Display"!!!

WOW! I instantly quit & started taking everything back down. No way to compete with that...:laughing:

How long before we actually see one like that...

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Brad Caudill wrote:

You pass someone's trash on the side of the road and see a small white Christmas tree ready to go the big Christmas tree farm in the sky the next day.. So you go back later that night and get it and stick it in your yard... did that lastnight. :waycool:

Funny you say that, My wife came home one day, and said " Honey look what i got for you. " In back of her truck where 12 tomato cages that someone had thrown away, and she dug them out of the trash...

One man's junk, is another mans treasure..

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You might be a CLF addict when you can not admit that you are one....

You might be a CLF addict when you are "already started planning 2008's display"...

You might be a CLF addict when you tell your family and friends that its "just a hobby"...(12 months a year?)

You might be a CLF addict when you have been setting up your"hobby" display for 6 weeks ,and all your neighbors decorate their house in 1 day....

or how about you work on "your hobby" every evening after work ,(by yourself, of course) then a family member plugs in a xcord and tells everyone they helped you set the display up, and you just grin and bare it....

And of course ,what really makes you a CLF addict, is that after you get it all done ,and a little boy or girl says"WOW!" and smiles from ear to ear, and thats all you need, to do it all over AGAIN :P

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Your a CLF...

when you look at all the empty mini light cardboardboxes overflowing in your recycle bin and are very proud of your environmental contribution.

when youbecome a "reverse" peeping tom: constantly peeking out the front windows just to see if anyone is looking at your display and hoping they are liking it.

whenfamily and friends come over toyour house and you run to the door as they are walking up to yell out "watch the cords,don't trip"

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btyson wrote:

when youbecome a "reverse" peeping tom: constantly peeking out the front windows just to see if anyone is looking at your display and hoping they are liking it.

ROFLMAO.... no no never do that...

you might be an addict when you look for PC members near by to look at their setup... Drive for 30 miles to see a Christmas light show after making sure your computer is running to make sure your own wont be missed while your gone.

Try to figure out on December where you can get more Tomato Cages, after working 16 hours straigt come home on your free time in July to string lights on tomato cages

Reply to a long dead yet recently resurected thread on you might just be a CLF if...

You contemplate taking a vacation to go to PLUS.

Think to your self their having one in another few years maybe by then ill figure out how to convince my spouse to let me go....

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You spend all day saturday in the wind and rain at 45 degrees because the HOA Christmas light contest is monday night.

You work til 9 pm sunday night trying to finish up and have to get up at 3am to go to work.

Monday at work you get new idea and start on it when you get home.

You win theHOA Christmas light contest on monday nightand you still have 3 more days of work to do because of the new plans. Because it just can't wait until next year.

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You are eating in a Mexican restaurant and notice that a string of minis hung inside has a section out. Your first thought is "I wish I had my LightKeeper Pro with me"...

You mention it to your wife and it is funny. -true story-

Routine laundry chores include removing UL cord stickers off socks

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maxdesign wrote:

3- You start watching for Wallyworld to start pulling lights out in October.

Or worst yet... you got a walmart that actually puts lights out in September and the cashier tells you at the checkout line that the price hasnt been inputted into the system so they dont know how much to charge you for the 70 boxes you are trying to get.

Hows this:

Electric bill is 2 months behind and you are out buying $100 inflatables and carloads of lights (no not me).

Boss threatens to fire you if you have a christmas display next year because in late november you've been up until 4 AM in morning sequencing new shows with your lights in place and you are good for nothing at work the next day. (Yea I got fired once not because I did that the next year but the following February after thedisplay the boss saw my 2003 video on some web site and knew I didnt let him know I had a display again.)

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When you think of how many lights to buy, you're thinking by display cases worth... not boxes.... you might be a fanatic.

When your cart at Target or Walmart or wherever is so full of cases of lights that people assume you work there and are restocking things..... you might be a fanatic.

When you keep trying to emphasize to the electrician that you seriously need LOTS of power available on the outside of your house... and plenty of GFCI outlets to accompany it.... but he/she doesn't quite understandjust how much power you're going to need because they can't wrap their mind around the idea of needing 200 amps for holiday lights.... you might be a fanatic.

When the neighbors come to expect you out front of your house working on lights whenever they get home.... you're definitely a fanatic.

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