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You know your a Christmas Lights Fanatic When?!?

Scott Colson

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You have enough lights, cut outs, trees, etc. in your garage to do three more houses.

You have already started buying used wireframes to repair for next years display (7)!

You have purchased an inflatable for next years display (Santa On Harley) song will be leader of the pack!

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You know your a Christmas Lights Fanatic When:

When you look up someone elses block with the houses in the same line of sight and your house is brighter than all of the others combined.

This has happened to me when driving around looking at other houses , when, you think you are driving up to a big display when in fact you were only looking at 3 or 4 houses end to end.

Glenn Koenig

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When you create a playlist of next years display to fall asleep to.

OK, OK, so it does get worse...

Then listen to it while drifting off to sleep only to have to get back up in an hour because you've gotten way too many good ideas not to write them down.

OK - So this might have happened to me last night. Actually wrote out 5 pages of ideas. LOL. I've got chemist friends with Eli Lilly. Maybe they can make a pill to help this.


Scott Hardin

Columbus, IN

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I knew this topic wuold probably show it's face again after it started for the first time a couple of years ago, and then again I think last year.

You know you're a Christmas light fanatic when you have20 big rubbermaid containers in the attic...7 have extension cords,10 have many thousands of lights, and the other 3 are filled to the busting point with spare bulbs...more of them than you have actual working lights!:shock::?

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Lets see,

1- You shop for wiring, cables, cords, enclosures, outlets, boxes, etc year around wheneverthey're on sale (I browse ebay weekly for cable deals).

2- (this ones been here before but I can relate) You are finding zip ties in your yard and lawn late into the next summer!

3- You start watching for Wallyworld to start pulling lights out in October.

4- You're up at 5am on Dec 26th to start shopping wallyworld, target, etc as soon as the doors to open,open,open for the big christmas light sale!

5- Your designing year round, Playing Christmas music in June so you can get the "taps" down right (me).

6- You find the Square-D 400 amp CT/Main breaker combo at Home Depot "SEXY" and stare longingly at it. "One day, You'll be mine" you say.

7- You get a signed "Thank You" card from the power utilities board of directors.

And the list goes on...

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Steven Singleton Jr. wrote:

You def know you are a christmas fanatic when you are ALWAYS here and have over 400 posts and this chatroom only opened 2 weeks ago:shock::shock::shock:. lol

Haha. Haha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA:laughing::laughing: I knew it would come out...you're always on here posting something. I must be a Christmas light fanatic, because I'm beginning to hang around here more and more every night posting myself.

You know you're a CLF when you find yourself in an absolute panic in August because you have not gotten your lights out and started testing them yet!

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You know you're a CLF when your family says:

1."when is enough enough?"

2. "it's midnight, are you through yet?"

3. "are we ever going to have a home cooked meal again?"

4. "why can't you ever be satisfied with your display?"

And when you find yourself kneeling in the snow, wearing 2 pairs of pants, ski pants over those, 2 shirts, a sweatshirt, a PC cap, a parka, with icicle's dripping from your nose, frozen fingers, humming Christmas tunes--totally oblivious to the cold, time of night, and the fact that everyone else in their right mind has long since gone to a warm and comfortable bed!

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You also know you're a CLF when you are a major fan of severe weather and hurricanes, and long to be in as many as possible, but you get irritated if there's even a model predicting one near you even as far as 2 weeks out---in October/November!

It happened this year at the end of October! Opened my eyes, and made me extremely uneasy. Ophelia in September was alright, but...please...summer only, don't come hear after mid September!:shock:

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When you are on a first name basis with the christmas dept employees...mostly because you helped them set-up...

Your grilling season is winter instead of summer...because you can't run the microwave...stove or oven...and the lights....

your husband walks upon you putting out blowmolds and says..."who are you talking to?"...and you have to answer....santa...snowmen and elves...

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.....When you are up on the roof fixing lights after it has snowed and all your neighbors are taking bets on whether you'll fall or not...

.....When your neighbors don't even bother to put up a display anymore because yours is so bright.

.....When you have dreams about LOR sequences and you don't even own an LOR. (I plan on buying some for next year)

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