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Is their a video projector that can turn on and off with a internal timer or by dmx so the fan will stay on in cooldown mode I want to mount the projector outside on my roof next year so it would be impossible to turn off manually  Thanks Dennis

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Some projectors have network connections (either wired via an RJ-45 or wireless) have have the ability to turn the projector on/off remotely.  I don't know that any of these have a daily schedule timer (i.e. turn on at 4pm and off at 11pm)...but...if there's a web-interface, then there is undoubtedly a way to automate it with your computer (but might take some software scripting/hacking to do).


Do do theater lighting work part-time and have never seen a projector with DMX input...but now that I think about it, it sounds like a great idea. I can't say one doesn't exist somewhere, but of the dozen or so theaters I've worked in--some with $50,000 projectors--they all use either a network web interface for on/off ability, or a remote control (or we climb up on the catwalk before/after each show and manually push the power button).

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