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Thinking Of Taking The Year Off!

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This has been a difficult year from the beginning.  At one point I thought there would be no show this year because of my work schedule, illness, weather, and technical problems.  I finally got up and running on Dec. 15--the latest I have ever been.  We were gone for 4 days at Christmas and when we got back I discovered that we had a power blip and the show computer had been shut down for 3 days. Since then I have had nothing but electrical problems.  I had an electrician friend install 4 new dedicated circuits 3 years ago to serve my lighting set up.  As an electrician he put GFT's in the receptacles.  This year the GFI's are popping constantly and I have no idea why.  I have had to constantly swap cords around to other circuits to keep the show up and running.  For 3 nights I was completely shut down.  I'm thinking of taking the year off next Christmas.  I will be taking my lights down tomorrow, New Year's Day and will be glad to be rid of it.  It's just not fun anymore.  Can anyone identify with this?

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I can understand how you feel about all the trouble, this year my wife and I took the year off and I accepted a job helping a friend in his business. Let me tell you that will never happen again. WE HAVE MISSED IT, with all the problems it still is a great joy just to see one night that goes good. Rest a few months without thinking about Christmas lights and then renew your effort. I will never take a year off again as long as my health lets keep going. 

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