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Disney's Osbourne Lights

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Got the chance to pick the brain of the guy running the show last night. Talked to him for about 45 minutes gathering info and insight on the show, set up, maintenance and break down. I was amazed when he said all lights are stripped down for recycling every year. 5 million lights brand new every year. Also they put up the 70' mega tree in only 2 days. That's pretty quick for 100k in lights. No connectors were taped, only zip tied together. All lights were sealed. Overall I took a lot of pics and will use the ideas next year at home. (He actually said they try to make their display so it can be replicated at home). Great time, sucks today is the last day they have em up.

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The lights used at the Coueur D'Alene resort for their holiday lights show are "cut off the trees and thrown away" every year.  Story is the work to take them down carefully, store them, test them, and deal with failing strings the following new year is more than just getting new LEDs. Wow.


We flew there to see the show and it's nice.  As seasoned LOR sequencer I had hoped their animated tree would be a little better but still an overall great holiday experience..




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The same is done to the lights at Rockafeller Center. { All New Every Year !}

If you had the chance to read the article in PC Magazine on the Disney Lights, that article stated that the lights are destroyed because of the UV damage to the small wires from setting in the Florida Sun for nearly 2 months not to mention the labor involved in taking them down and storing them. I cried at just the thought of all those lights being destroyed

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